Maytag Virtual Showrooms - Product Demos
Open the doors, see inside, experience it for yourself
Appliances, they're a vital unsung part of our lives – they help make our food, keep it fresh, and keep our houses clean. We use them everyday. They are familiar, yet almost forgotten – until we need a new one. Buying appliances can be intimidating – its not a short-term purchase, its an investment. Its unfamiliar too – technology and terminology shifts radically between purchases. And the majority of our research is moving to online, where this big decision becomes an abstraction consisting of pics & stats. We're more decisivie when we can kick the tires, open the doors, turn the knobs, try it out for ourselves.
We addressed the problem by creating a showroom module for each appliance. Manipulating a 3D model users can do all the things they're used to doing – open the doors, pull out the drawers. And experience things they could never see before – like how a motor powers a washers impeller, or go inside a running dishwasher and see the scrubbing power of running water jets.
Creating a workflow, production model, and common visual language to be applied across a wide range of appliances was not an easy task. We needed to establish commonalities, and a system that could handle the differences. All of this needed to be communicated to 3rd party vendors responsible for the 3D modeling, animation and photo shoots that made these virtual showrooms possible.
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